Bostitch® Office Konnect Stackable 4-Piece Desk Organization Kit With Power Station, White



    Looking for the ultimate desktop destination for your office or classroom? Look no further than the Konnect™ Stackable Desk Organizer + Power Station, 4-Piece. This desktop organizer doubles as a cord management solution – it not only charges your electronics like a phone or tablet with the built-in USB ports and dual power hub, but it also organizes any electronic cords with the cord wrap, so they’re untangled and out of the way. This all-in-one stackable organizer kit can be used as one piece or individually as each stackable piece is removable.

    • Made from plastic with non-slip rubber feet protect surfaces.
    • Modular desk organizer allows you to stack each piece together or use them separately.
    • Pencil cup, storage tray, back channel and integrated holder helps you stay organized.
    • Built-in USB ports, a dual power hub, and a phone stand makes device docking and charging simple.
    • Cord wrap enables easy wire management.
    • Includes a micro USB cable.
    • Backed by the manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty.
    • Finished in white for a sleek look.