beyerdynamic SPACE Bluetooth/USB Personal Speakerphone, Charcoal



    Choose this Bluetooth/USB speakerphone for home office, small meeting room or huddle room use to tackle calls, meetings and video chats. The personal speakerphone offers innovative microphone technology with a loudspeaker system to help you enjoy clear conversations.

    • 1.5" speaker drive provides 5-watt maximum output power. High-quality speaker systems help reproduce music.
    • Frequency response (speaker): 90 Hz to 15 kHz.
    • Frequency response (microphone): 100 Hz to 10 kHz.
    • Bluetooth 5.0 speakerphone can connect to devices wirelessly. Can be paired with a second SPACE speakerphone (sold separately) for stereo playback.
    • Multi-point pairing allows it to connect to up to 8 devices in normal mode and 1 device in business mode.
    • Automatically switches between Voice Mode and Music Mode.
    • 4 integrated microphones help suppress unwanted reverberation, echoes and feedback.
    • Full-duplex audio to have dialog-style conversations.
    • Sound-activated lighting mode allows LED ring to light up in time with audio signals.
    • Textile fabric offers a professional look.
    • IP64 protected against water spray.
    • Built-in Kensington lock to prevent theft. Offers an integrated 0.25" screw thread for other installation options.
    • Battery lasts up to 20 hours and charges in only 2.5 hours. Battery life will vary depending on the product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product, power management setting of the product, and the product features used by the customer. As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of this battery will decrease with time and usage.
    • Includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter, a quick-start guide and a drawstring bag.
    • Charcoal for a cool color.