Fresh Products Super-Sorb Liquid Spill Absorbent, Lemon Scent, 12 Oz



Clean up liquid spills quickly with Super-Sorb, Designed to absorb up to 60 times its weight in liquids, this sorbent helps make taking care of spills and bodily fluids simple and sanitary.

  • Granular sorbent is used for sanitary disposal of blood, vomit, urine and other fluids.
  • Ideal for grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare facilities, health clinics and other areas.
  • Quickly absorbs up to 60 times its weight, so you can sweep up the mess.
  • Shaker lets you quickly distribute the sorbent.
  • Quat and microbiocide help eliminate odors, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent.