OttLite® Harmonize LED Desk Lamp, Adjustable Height, 19”H, Silver



OttLite ClearSun LED technology that reduces eyestrain by up to 51%. Enjoy a healthier way to see with OttLite® ClearSun® LED – an exclusive technology that helps to dramatically reduce eyestrain and glare by up to 51%. Provides smooth, uniform light with Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97.

  • Touch-activated control makes it easy to dim and brighten the light.
  • Maximum lumen output of 440 with touch activated control.
  • 3 brightness settings and 3 color temperature modes.
  • Memory feature remembers your last setting for color temp.
  • Classic metal design with adjustable shade and counterbalance arm to lock lamp in desired position.
  • UL listed for safety.
  • Save time – no assembly required.
  • Energy efficient — designed to use less energy than alternative products, potentially helping you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

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