Mind Reader Anchor Collection Dual-Monitor Stand (No Drawers), 6-1/2"H x 11"W x 38-1/2"D, Black



    Streamline Your Workspace with a Dual Monitor Stand. Maximize your productivity and improve your work posture with this dual monitor stand. This stand is perfect for anyone who uses multiple screens or wants to free up desk space by using one half of the stand for other electronics, such as a printers, laptops, or copiers. You can customize your workspace to fit your specific needs.

    • Modern and minimal design: The modern design and black color match well with any decor, and the ergonomic, adjustable height works for everyone
    • Helpful for desk organization: Instead of using multiple stands, this dual monitor stand keeps everything level and organized
    • Saves your eyes: Reduce eye strain with elevated monitor stands and increase your working efficiency by having both monitors in your sight line at all times
    • Durable construction: This monitor stand has a weight capacity of 40 lbs. (18.1 kg) and withstands everyday use, plus it’s easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap
    • Dimensions: The dimensions of this dual monitor stand are 38.5 long x 11 wide x 2.55-6.5 inches tall (97.79 x 27.94 x 6.48-16.51 cm) and is adjustable
    • Designed in black to suit your setup.