40" Neoprene Cable Management Sleeve with Zipper/Buckle



    • SPECS: Length: 39.4" (1m), Diameter: 1.2" (3cm) | Material: Soft Neoprene rubber, 0.12" (3mm) thick | Black | Included 11 evenly spaced cable/wire exit holes | Zipper design with built-in buckles on both ends | 2-Year Warranty
    • CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTION: This 39.4" (1m) sleeve with 1.2" (3cm) diameter has built-in connector buckles allowing you to daisy-chain additional sleeves as required; For under computer/PC desk, multiple monitor setups, power cords, classrooms; Built-in holes
    • DURABLE AND FLEXIBLE SLEEVE: Cable manager made from rugged Neoprene rubber prevents wear & tear due to extended use, foot traffic or damage by pets; Flexible Neoprene to easily position/route around corners/bends; Sturdy zipper & buckles for frequent use
    • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION: Just wrap the cable organizer sleeve around existing cords and fasten the zipper; Fast & easy installation, no need to unplug connections, no work interruption or wasted time; Add additional sleeves to extend length as needed
    • PROFESSIONAL CABLE SLEEVE: Ideal for office, home office & desktop workstation to easily organize & conceal cables with this Neoprene cable management sleeve; Provide a clean professional look; Just wrap the sleeve around the cable bundle & fasten the zipper