Kudos Mobile, Traditional Disc


    Mobile credit card kit for on-the-go businesses

    • Lets small businesses make transactions from almost anywhere.Lets you accept payments by debit and credit card. Reader is designed for use with your smartphone (compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry). Great for anyone doing business on the go, including contractors, repair services, professional services, consultants and many more.
    • Provides everything you need to get started.Includes a swipe device, downloadable POS software, a merchant account, and access to pricing information.
    • Can help improve account receivables.You'll receive immediate payment for sales. No more lost payments, bounced checks, chasing payments or unnecessary trips to the bank. Provides a competitive advantage, helping you to increase sales and reach new customers.
    • End-to-end encryption to protect customer's sensitive information.
    • Easy to set up.The lightweight and portable mobile device plugs right into your smartphone's 3.5mm headphone jack. After you activate the merchant account and download and install the application, your business can start accepting credit and debit card payments — anytime, anywhere.