Casio® JE-12E Compact Ergonomic Calculator, White



    Calculate a variety of figures confidently using a Casio JE-12E Compact Ergonomic Calculator. A variety of functions including tax calculation, regular percent and profit margin percent make it simple to plan finances.

    • Liquid crystal, 12-digit extra large display with function command signs and 3-digit comma markers.
    • Features a currency exchange function, tax calculation, shift key, sign change key, 00 key, key rollover, regular percent, profit margin percent and square root.
    • A symbol (+,−,×,÷) on the display indicates the status of the operation currently being performed.
    • Compact calculator keys are ergonomically shaped and configured to match natural finger movements.
    • Durable anti-fade keys are produced by injecting plastic of 2 different colors. Key markings are plastic.
    • Keys are designed for silent operation.
    • Key operations are stored in a buffer so nothing is lost during high-speed input.
    • Large rubber feet help prevent slipping during operation.
    • Battery and solar calculator.
    • Backed by the manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty.