Bare Ground Solutions 1 Shot Graffiti Remover, 32 Oz Bottle



Clean hard-to-remove stains around your home, office or facility with this graffiti remover. The all-natural formula is nontoxic.

  • Ideal for hardwood floors, as well as wooden, metal, plastic and tile surfaces and is safe on most marine, autos and RVs. Use to remove grease, spray paint, tar, markers and pencil marks, and mold, mildew and calcium chloride buildup from most hard surfaces.
  • Clings to vertical surfaces to help prevent dripping, running and re-staining as you clean.
  • All-natural cleaner is nontoxic to eliminate the need for gloves and masks.
  • Formula is nonflammable and releases no harsh fumes or acids for safety.
  • Eco-conscious choice — has one or more meaningful eco-attributes or eco-labels.