Scotch® 371+ High-Tack Box Sealing Tape, 1.89" x 109 Yd, Clear, Pack Of 36 Rolls



    Use this Scotch 371+ High-Tack Box Sealing Tape to seal boxes in medium-duty industrial applications. The tamper-evident seal provides optimal strength in tough environments, and the tape easily unwinds, so it can work well with high-speed automated packaging lines.

    • Ideal for medium-duty industrial applications.
    • Delivers a strong hold on a wide range of materials, including corrugated boxes.
    • Polypropylene backing with a synthetic rubber adhesive provides conformability and a reliable hold under stress.
    • Provides smooth dispensing to meet the needs of high-speed automated packaging lines.
    • High edge tear and split resistance is designed for use in general industrial applications.
    • Resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and scuffing.
    • Tamper-evident seal offers durability in tough environments.
    • Meets FDA guidelines for indirect food contact.