Pilot® V-Ball™ Liquid Ink Rollerball Pens, Extra Fine Point, 0.5 mm, Blue Barrel, Blue Ink, Pack Of 12 Pens



    Designed with an advanced liquid feeding system, these V-Ball liquid pens help ensure smooth, skip-free writing. Whether you need a tool for quick reminders at home or extended note taking at the office, these Pilot pens are here to help.

    • Patented feeding system of the V-Ball pens for consistent writing strokes. Pilot's unique feeder delivers a constant, reliable flow to the tip so you get a perfect line of ink…with no gaps or blotches.
    • 0.7 mm fine point for clear, precise lines. 0.7 mm point allows crisp, noticeable writing.
    • Extra-fine 0.5 mm tip for extra precision. Write clearly and precisely with 0.5 mm point pens.
    • Contoured barrel provides a more relaxed feel. The sleek, narrow base conforms to the shape of your fingers to give you a comfortable write all day.
    • Nonrefillable.
    • Assorted 5-pack includes black, blue, red, green and purple.
    • Extra-fine-point, liquid-ink pens with blue ink for daily writing applications.