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    With printing on each side of the page, you can fill this printed manual with plenty of relevant information. The customizable design displays whichever logos and textual details you decide to include.

    • Double-sided paper shows information on each page.
    • Choose from various paper and tab options to suit your needs.
    • Spiral bound books use a plastic coil that allows the pages to lie flat and offers 360-degree rotation, making it easy to flip through the book. Spiral binding is durable and offers good page security
    • Comb bound books use a plastic comb that can be opened and closed, allowing for easy adding or removing of pages
    • Tape bound books use a strip of tape that is adhered to the spine of the book. The tape helps hold the pages together and provides a clean and professional look with a slim profile
    • Wire bound books allow the pages to lay flat and provides secure binding. Wire binding is durable and offers a professional appearance
    • Choose from various front and back cover options including cardstock, clear plastic, frosted, linen and regency
    • Manuals can be used for various applications: employee handbooks, training manuals, sales presentations or product catalogs

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