GOJO® Luxury Foam Hand Soap, Cranberry Scent, 42 Oz Bottle



This soap makes handwashing and maintaining clean restrooms easier. The rich self-lathering cranberry-scented foam makes hand washing quick and effective.

  • Rich, gentle foam handwash.
  • Refreshing cranberry fragrance.
  • SANITARY SEALED™ refill helps prevent contamination.
  • Cranberry scented.
  • EcoLogo certified — reduced environmental impact from an overall lifecycle standpoint.
  • USDA Certified Biobased — meets federal guidelines for plant-based/bio-based materials.
  • Less harsh chemicals — made with fewer harsh chemicals, or safer chemicals than typical alternatives, helping reduce your use of and exposure to substances that may be more harmful to your health and the environment.
  • Plant-based content — made using tree-free agricultural products or by-products, helping you support innovative use of plants while reducing use of forests or other resources.