Intel Xeon E E E-2136 Hexa-core (6 Core) 3.30 GHz Processor - 12 MB L3 Cache - 64-bit Processing - 4.50 GHz Overclocking Speed - 14 nm - Socket H4 LGA-1151 - 80 W - 12 Threads



  • Processor with 3.30 GHz clock speed for reliable and fast execution of instructions to ensure maximum convenience and feasibility
  • Its 12 MB of L3 cache is good enough to carry routine data and process them in a flash giving you fast and smooth performance
  • Xeon E product line processor for better reliability and ensure maximum productivity
  • 14 nm enables improved performance per watt and micro architecture makes it power-efficient
  • Hexa-core (6 Core) processor core efficiently handles data to ensure quicker transfer of information with maximum usability
  • Processor provides dependable and fast execution of tasks with maximum efficiency