Bigelow® Assorted Flavor Herbal Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea Bag - 128 / Bundle



    Fine Tea and Herb Tea Assortment offers an exceptional sampler of eight delightful, flavored and caffeine-free herb teas. The tea tray includes eight tea bags each of Constant Comment, Earl Grey, English Teatime, Lemon Lift, Mint Medley, Orange and Spice, Cozy Chamomile and Green Tea. Tea bags are individually foil wrapped. Convenient tea tray package keeps flavors organized.

    • Includes flavored tea and caffeine-free tea
    • Individually wrapped bags for fresh taste
    • Great display for your beverage center
    • Separate compartments for all 8 flavors
    • Features the most popular flavors: Mint Medley, Earl Grey, Cozy Chamomile and more

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