Post-it Flex Write Surface, 8 ft x 4 ft, Permanent Marker Wipes Away with Water, Permanent Marker Whiteboard Surface



    Post-it Easy Erase Whiteboard is a stain-proof dry erase whiteboard you can use with dry erase AND permanent markers. Create templates to track due dates, action items, agendas, homework assignments, and more. Go ahead use permanent markers to prevent accidental smearing or erasing, Create a calendar outline in permanent marker, then use dry erase markers for adding individual day tasks. Wipe off dry erase markers, while the calendar template created in permanent marker stays in tact. When it's time to change, the permanent marker wipes away with just water and a cloth. This size version allows you the flexibility to instantly transform cabinets, walls, desks and work surfaces into a whiteboard and the freedom to write with permanent markers without stains. Use with Post-it Super Sticky Notes to keep creativity flowing.

    • INSTANT STAIN-PROOF WHITEBOARD - Quickly transform a smooth surface into a whiteboard, simply unroll, peel and stick
    • CHOOSE YOUR MARKER - Use dry erase or permanent markers, both wipe away cleanly. Use only water and a cloth to remove permanent marker
    • PREVENT ACCIDENTAL SMEARING AND ERASING - Create grids, calendars, charts and more. Permanent marker prevents accidental smearing and erasing
    • STICKS SECURELY, REMOVES CLEANLY – Sticks securely to stay up on smooth surfaces like painted drywall, finished wood, glass, painted steel, whiteboards and chalkboards. Designed for one-time wall application for long-term use
    • ROLL, CLOTH AND WATER BOTTLE INCLUDED - 8 ft. x 4 ft. roll also includes microfiber cleaning cloth and water bottle
    • CLEAN WITH WATER, EVEN PERMANENT MARKER - To clean, wipe away dry erase marker with provided cloth and wipe away permanent marker with water and provided cloth. No chemicals needed to clean
    • USE WITH POST-IT® SUPER STICKY NOTES - Transform a wall into a whiteboard to help inspire creativity and stay organized. Combine with Post-it Super Sticky Notes to share ideas
    • WARRANTY - Includes a 3 year limited warranty.*
    • VARIETY OF SIZES - Available in sizes 3’ x 2’, 4’ x 3’, 6’ x 4’, 8’ x 4’ and bulk size 50’ x 4’
    • Post-it® Flex Write Surface is safe for use with common disinfectant sprays.