Scotch® Sure Start Shipping Tape With Dispenser, 1-7/8" x 22.2 Yd., Clear



When you’re in the middle of packing boxes, the last thing you want to do is search endlessly for the end of the tape. The search is over with Scotch® Sure Start Packaging Tape. This tough, strong tape comes off the roll easily and smoothly with no slivering or splitting, so you can skip the frustration and get to taping faster. This tape also delivers a whisper quiet unwind, which makes it ideal for use in an office or home setting where quiet is critical. Never lose the tape end again, and when it quietly unwinds off the roll and is applied to your package, it stays on—keeping your package securely sealed. Clear to the core, Scotch® Sure Start Packaging Tape stands up to rough handling—but is so easy to handle. Scotch® Sure Start Shipping Packaging Tape—stress free, always ready to roll to help you get the job done.

  • EASY START EVERY TIME: Tape unwinds smoothly every time to help ease your packing jobs
  • NO SPLITTING OR TEARING: Release coating helps ensure tape unwinds smoothly in one piece, not in little strips
  • MOST TRUSTED BRAND: Scotch® Brand is the Most Trusted, Most Recommended and Most Preferred brand of Packaging Tape in the USA, based on a 2022 Brand Health Study
  • QUIET UNWIND: Tape unrolls whisper quiet, ideal for use in an office or home setting where quiet is critical
  • STRONG, DURABLE HOLD: Keeps your packages securely sealed
  • TAPE FUMBLES SLOWING YOU DOWN? Never lose the end of the tape! Sure to start, every time
  • CLEAR: Clear to the core, clear on boxes
  • DURABLE THICKNESS: Typical thickness 2.6 mil
  • MADE IN THE USA: Made in the USA with US and globally sourced materials
  • HASSLE-FREE: Included dispenser includes fall-back tabs to help ensure the tape doesn't fall back on the roll and will be 'ready-to-roll' for the next use
  • RECYCLED CONTENT: Dispenser contains 80% recycled content
  • Clear.
  • Includes Scotch shipping tape and a refillable handheld dispenser.
  • Contains Recycled Content - See Specs for Details