ComplyRight™ Healthcare Poster Set, English, Wyoming



    Healthcare Industry Posting Compliance – Simple and Convenient. Employers in the healthcare industry must display specific employee-facing notices. These posting requirements are subjectto change at any time and vary by state. ComplyRight Posters for Healthcare offers Industry specific posters, to help healthcare employers comply compliance with these requirements and ensure thatemployees are informed of their rights. The topics covered in the posters include: Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave, Employee Disabilities Rights, Minimum Wage, Equal Employment Opportunity, Child Labor Law, Veteran Rights, Radiation, Job Safety and HIPAA. Ideal for medical offices, hospitals, clinics, urgent-care centers and other healthcare facilities, ComplyRight Posters for Healthcare provide a fast and simple way to meet compliance for your business.

    • Healthcare posters in English.
    • Developed to meet the posting needs of healthcare facilities.
    • Includes up to 17 healthcare-specific healthcare employee postings depending on the state.
    • Must be displayed in prominent and accessible locations that are highly visible to all employees.
    • Laminated for added durability.
    • Each kit contains a variety of healthcare postings and 2 essential HIPAA privacy posters for employees and patients. Includes a Federal Radiation Bundle (8 posters), a HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices poster and a HIPAA Employee Information Notice poster.