iSprowt Mini Class STEM Kits, Marvelous Maps, Pack Of 20 Kits



    Engage your students in the classroom with iSprowt Mini Class STEM Kits. Each student gets their own workbook to enrich their learning experience.

    • Students collaborate on investigations to enhance critical thinking, teamwork, discourse and self management.
    • Designed to help empower learners with reading, writing, drawing, predicting and modeling.
    • Designed by award-winning STEM teachers and science experts.
    • Offers 2 hands-on science experiments that are aligned with the national science standards (NGSS).
    • Includes a foam map board of the USA, 4 colors of clay, a DIY pinwheel, compass rose and twenty 40-page student workbooks.
    • Aligns with NGSS Standard 4-ESS2-2.
    • Designed for K through 5th Grade (ages 5-11).