HON® Fuse Undermount Storage Cubby Unit, 20"H x 10"W x 15"D, Loft



    With a completely modern take on form and function, Fuse Undermount Cubby adds personality to any home office or corporate work space and makes the most of the compressed footprint of desking, benching and height-adjustable workstations. This storage unit mounts flush to the underside of a worksurface to not only save floor space, but also to allow your storage to move up and down with an adjustable-height worksurface. Open cubby helps you wrangle everything from work supplies to snacks to sneakers. Long slots on both sides offer place to hang Fuse accessories, including Hook, Side Saddle and Hot File (all not included). Fuse Workplace Tools hang from the side to provide easy access to personal items while freeing up valuable space inside the cubby for larger pieces. With personal storage space for just about everything, Fuse keeps you organized even in small spaces.

    • Part of the Fuse Collection that sparks efficiency through organization, keeping you organized even in small spaces
    • Focuses on you - storage that's designed to move with you whether you're standing or sitting
    • Delivers quick access to your gear with an option that makes sense to what's being stowed
    • Adds personality into any corporate work space or home office while providing personal storage right where you need it
    • Mounts flush underneath your worksurface to save floor space