Mind Reader Metal Mesh Storage Basket Organizer, Small Size, Turquoise



    Simplify your life with this multifunctional countertop or desktop caddy organizer. This caddy is perfect for holding a variety of items, from utensils for eating or writing to craft supplies like cotton balls, glue sticks, and paintbrushes. It can even be a handy storage spot for all your remote controls, keeping them from disappearing under couches and cushions. During outdoor gatherings, it’s easy for utensils and straws to create clutter. Use this caddy as a utensil holder to keep forks, spoons, knives, napkins, and straws organized and ready for use, off your picnic tables.

    • Multi-purpose functionality: Use this caddy to conveniently store utensils in your kitchen or art supplies in your studio, providing versatile storage options
    • Hygienic utensil storage: The upright design of this utensil holder keeps your utensils clean and prevents them from coming into contact with outdoor surfaces during gatherings or events
    • Portable and organized: With four compartments to keep everything neatly organized, this caddy is equipped with a handle for easy transport from room to room or desk to desk
    • Sturdy and easy to clean: The durable metal mesh design ensures longevity, while also being portable and easy to clean with mild soap and water
    • Space-saving dimensions: Measuring 7 inches long x 10 inches wide x 4.75 inches tall (17.78 x 25.4 x 12.07 centimeters), this caddy provides ample storage while occupying minimal space