SALAV GS49-DJ Professional Series Garment Steamer - 1500 W - 1.74 quart Capacity



    The SALAV GS49-DJ Limited Edition Professional Garment Steamer is our most advanced garment steamer yet, featuring our latest stainless steel nozzle technology and a beautiful metallic gold and chrome body.
    This professional garment steamer has two steam power levels to help you find the perfect setting every time. It features ergonomic, easy to use power foot pedals. The telescopic poles allow for easier storage and securely hold the patented hanger. This model also comes with 4 accessories.
    The 1.8 liter removable translucent water tank provides 1 hour of powerful 1500 watt steam and the durable aluminum boiler heats up in a quick 45 seconds.

    Stainless Steel Plated Steam Nozzle
    The GS49-DJ features our newly patented stainless steel plated steam nozzle. This stainless steel plate is specially molded to prevent nozzle build up, provide a flat, hot pressing surface, and keep steam heated so that it is at maximum temperature upon delivery.

    Curved Hangers and Extra Bars.
    The patented multifunctional hanger provides several bars and hooks to effectively support steaming a variety of garments, from large suit jackets to small suit ties. The curvature of the hanger is specially designed after the natural curvature of one's shoulders, providing the ideal hanging space for shirts and jackets.

    The dual telescopic aluminum bars are easy and simple to install and operate. A simple adjustment will provide heights up to 53 inches.