Logitech® Studio Series Multi-Functional Large Desk Mat, 11-13/16” x 27-1/2”, Mid-Gray



    Protect your desktop and add a pop of personal style with the Logitech Studio Series Desk Mat. There’s ample space to place your keyboard, mouse and other accessories, while the non-slip base helps prevent your items from sliding around your desk.

    • Smooth cloth pad features a fine weave for an effortless, silent mouse glide.
    • Strong fibers are wrinkle and shrink-resistant.
    • Spill-resistant and easy to clean.
    • Flat-stitch, anti-fray edges offer lasting durability.
    • Anti-slip rubber base keeps the mat steady.
    • Elevate your desktop: Add color, style and comfort into your workspace and keep your desk protected with the Logitech Studio Series soft cloth desk mat in Lavender, Dark Rose, or Mid Gray

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