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For Delivery Staplers & Staples

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Swingline® Eco Version Standard Stapler, 15 Sheets Capacity, Black
Swingline® Commercial Desk Stapler, 20 Sheets Capacity, Black
Office Depot® Brand Standard Staples, 1/4", 5,000 Staples Per Pack, Box Of 5 Packs
Swingline® S.F. 4 Premium Staples, 1/4" Full Strip, Box Of 5,000
Swingline® Standard Staples, 1/4" Length, 5,000 Per Box, Pack Of 5
Swingline® Optima® 25 Reduced Effort Stapler, 25 Sheets Capacity, Blue/Gray
Swingline® Optima® 40 Reduced Effort Desk Stapler, Silver
Stanley® Bostitch Long Reach® Booklet Stapler
Bostitch® Impulse™ 30 Sheet Electric Stapler, Black
Swingline® 747® Classic Stapler, 20 Sheets Capacity, Black
Bostitch® B8® Impulse™ 45 Electric Stapler, Black
PaperPro InPower™ Spring-Powered Desktop Stapler With Antimicrobial Protection, 20-Sheet Capacity, Green
Swingline® Premium Handheld Stapler, Black
PaperPro™ inPOWER™+ 28 Premium Desktop Stapler, White/Silver
PaperPro™ inPOWER™ 20 Desktop Stapler, Black/Gray
Bostitch InCourage® Spring-Powered Antimicrobial Compact Stapler, 20-Sheets
Bostitch® InPower™ Premium Spring-Powered Desktop Stapler, 28 Sheets Capacity, Black/Silver
Swingline® 747® Stapler, 25 Sheets Capacity, Rio Red
Stanley® Bostitch 00540 Extra Heavy-Duty Stapler, Black
Swingline® S.F.® 4® Premium Staples, 1/4" Full Strip, Silver, 5,000 Per Pack, Case Of 5 Packs