Item #8654389

AFS-TEX 4000X Anti-Fatigue Mat 20" x 30" Midnight Black

Item #8654389


    Keep your legs moving throughout the day and massage your feet with this contoured floor mat. Great for use with your standing desk, this padded, supportive mat helps make standing at work that much more comfortable.

    • Advanced ergonomic standing surface. Includes contoured foot massage features which encourage regular foot movement and changes in standing position that stimulate blood flow for reduced fatigue.
    • Combines the ultimate combination of standing comfort and body support to reduces the strain on feet, legs knees & back joints that can be caused through prolonged standing.
    • Recess location provides an ankle flex facility for added movement & strain relief. Also ideal for easy mat movement and positioning.
    • Built-in anti-microbial active ingredient in the body and cover will not wear away or wash off. Works 24/7 for the life of the product. Ideal for users who like to work without foot wear.
    • Anti-slip base for maximum stability in use. Bevelled edging. 10 Year Limited Warranty.
    • AFS-TEX System 4000X anti-fatigue mat provides a contoured non-linear profile of between 0.8" and 2" to facilitate numerous standing positions and regular movement which significantly reduces fatigue compared to standing in a single position.
    • Regular movement of the legs and feet helps to stimulate blood flow and increase the body’s metabolism
    • use of AFS-TEX 4000X mats actively encourages such movement.
    • The surface of the AFS-TEX System 4000X contains massage pods to stimulate pressure points on the feet. This mat encourages micro-movements, which significantly increase fatigue-relief.Raised ergonomic surround feature allows further rocking or stretching of feet and ankles. Such activity can help to stimulate blood flow and increase the body's metabolism which can reduce fatigue.
    • Solid, one-piece 0.8" - 2.0" polyurethane construction, with polyester cover, guaranteed not to lose body support over time. Anti-slip base for maximum stability in use.
    • Antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth
    Item #8654389
    Manufacturer #FLRFCA42030XBK
    depth2 in.
    Edge StyleRamp
    length30 in.
    width20 in.
    thickness2 in.
    recommended useHard Floor
    primary materialPolyurethane
    Antimicrobial ProtectionYes
    Frequency Of Useall day
    brand nameAFS-TEX
    material familyPlastic
    Product TypeChair Mat
    size30 in. X 20 in.
    Product Feature 3Massage pods
    Product Feature 4Ergo bar
    Product Feature 5Stretch recess area