SanDisk® Cruzer® Micro 8GB ReadyBoost™ USB 2.0 Drive With U3 Software



    Easy way to add memory to Windows Vista

    • Supports ReadyBoost™ for Windows Vista® to boost performance.Under ReadyBoost, you can easily add memory to a computer running Windows Vista using the USB drive's memory. This can improve your computer's performance without the hassle of installing more RAM or opening your computer's case. (For Windows Vista only.)
    • Run software on any computer using the same settings.U3 software comes preinstalled on the flash drive so you always have access to CruzerSync synchronization tool, SignupShield password manager, Skype VoIP (voice over IP) and Avast antivirus.
    • Fast transfer speeds with USB 2.0 connectivity.Enjoy up to 480Mbps maximum transfer rate. Backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports. USB connector retracts into the case, eliminating the need for a cap.
    • Take it with you everywhere.Fits nicely in a shirt pocket: just 2.25" x 0.81" x 0.31". Case has a distinctive blue LED status indicator.