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Your HP purchase1 from now through June contributes2 to planting 1 million trees through our partnership with Jane’s Green Hope and the Arbor Day Foundation.

Together, we can protect and restore our forests by partnering for our planet.

Jane’s Green Hope

HP is joining Jane’s Green Hope, an initiative of the Jane Goodall Institute in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, to plant, protect, and restore Earth’s forests. Global forests are disappearing, but together, we can bring them back to life. Making this real requires ongoing care. We support this by:

  • Ensuring native tree species are planted for a thriving ecosystem
  • Empowering local communities to lead local forest stewardship
  • Caring for and monitoring the growth of trees to ensure healthy habitats

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We’ve shipped more than 160 different PC products that include ocean-bound plastic since 2019.

Forest First with HP+

This means for every page you print, regardless of paper brand, HP invests in protection, restoration or responsible management of forests by collaborating with credible environmental NGOs that are recognized experts in forest ecosystems.

With Forest First, we calculate your pages and use the best available forest science to guide our investments in the world’s most critical forest ecosystems to balance in equal measure any paper used in printing that may not have been responsibly sourced.

Forest First is available exclusively with all HP+ printers.

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82% of Original HP Ink Cartridges are manufactured with recycled plastic3