Gifts for Techies


For those who speak in binary and dream in code, our techie round-up is a digital playground. Find gadgets that’ll make them nerd out in the coolest way possible.

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Holiday Tips

We are always thinking of ways to assist you in finding solutions. Whether you’re looking for business or pleasure, our holiday gift ideas can help.

Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Working From Home

Let these ideas help you find the perfect holiday presents for the remote workers on your gift list.

Holiday Ideas for the Remote Workplace

Workplace holiday festivities may look a little different this year. Learn of ways to celebrate with remote workers.

What are the top gifts for gamers and techies this year?
Getting the perfect present for a gamer or techie can be a challenge. They probably already have the latest cutting-edge gadgets and gizmos. Meanwhile, gamers can be super specific about everything from what games they play to what gaming gear they use. Where to start? Don’t stress. This holiday gift guide offers plenty of options for gamers and techies alike. 
Shoppers with big budgets might consider a new touchscreen monitor, a killer set of speakers, or a wireless charger with MagSafe. Gamers who play interactive games may love a new webcam or over-the-head gaming headphones with a mic. Other favorite gifts for techies and gamers are ergonomic keyboards or gaming chairs that enhance comfort.

What are some affordable gift ideas for techies?
Shopping for a techie doesn’t have to mean spending big bucks on expensive, cutting-edge gadgets. There are plenty of affordable gift ideas for tech types. A mouse pad, ergonomic mouse, and earbuds are all great options.

What are some good last-minute gift ideas for tech lovers?
For those holiday shopping on a time crunch, look for products that can be delivered quickly. Prioritize tech and gaming presents that are already in stock and you can buy online and pick up in store. Or with modern speedy delivery, it’s often possible to get goods delivered in one to three business days.

What are good gifts for PC gamers?
A new laptop can be a great pick for gamers who play on PC. Look for gaming laptops with high-resolution screens that bring gaming graphics to life. Add-ons like an external mouse or keyboard can also improve the gameplay experience. A wireless Bluetooth headset with a mic is another option, especially for gamers who play team games.

What are cool gifts for gamers and techies who have it all?
If a techie or gamer already has all the essentials, look for ways to enhance their tech or gaming experience. For example, an old keyboard might be replaced with a lighted gaming keyboard to illuminate their setup.