The Ultimate Office Furniture Shopping Checklist

February 25, 2020

When you furnish an office space, you do more than provide desks and chairs – you create a mindset for your business. A stylish and modern office with the right furniture layout can improve morale, leave employees feeling more valued, and make everyday tasks feel that much easier.

From a computer chair to the added extras, every piece of office furniture you choose needs to reflect your company’s style and brand. And the right furniture is a considerable part of creating a comfortable, spacious work environment.

Whether you work in a cubicle or a sleek open-plan office, it’s likely that you want to try and make your space both functional and fabulous. And you can do this by picking office furniture that fits perfectly with your style.  If you’re ready for a fresh look or just browsing for ideas, have a read through our office furniture shopping list for some inspiration.

Finding the Right Office Chair

The first thing you’ll want for yourself and any employees on your watch is a comfortable desk chair. When workers are spending long hours at the desk every day, you need to consider their individual needs and which type of desk chair is best for each of your employees.

Our office chairs come in a variety of styles, price points, and colors. With neutrals like gray and white, or traditional colors like black or brown, there is sure to be something that appeals to your personal tastes and fits with your office decor.

Unsure of which type of desk chair is best for your office? Learn more about the different categories of office chairs below or check out the office chair buying guide.

Ergonomic Chairs

There are several benefits to ergonomic seating. The first is that it promotes better posture and gives your body support where it needs it the most. Ergonomic chairs also provide good neck support, which can help with physical distress. Neck and shoulder problems are not uncommon among some people when they spend long hours at the office desk.

Ergonomic chairs also come with lumbar support that may provide comfort for those office workers with muscle tension. Other features, such as adjustable height and sufficient seat width and depth, help employees avoid perching at the edge of the chair and help allow staff to work in day-long comfort.

High-back Desk Chair

A high-back chair will help to support you throughout the day. Adjustment levers help ensure that you  meet the level of your desk for comfortable working without strain. As an alternative, try a mesh office chair for breathable, adjustable comfort all day long.

Task Chair

If you’re looking for a computer chair that’s suitable for a variety of work and home office tasks, you may want to explore our task chair range. Although each model will vary, common features include adjustability for seat height, tilt control, and waterfall seat cushions for added comfort.

Big and Tall Office Chair

Designed for those with larger frames, our big and tall desk chair range provides lumbar support for office workers. Our big and tall chairs include adjustability features that allow you to adjust the height and swivel to suit your needs.

Creating the Best Workstation

Like a desk chair, the perfect office desk should suit the needs of its user. For example, those who focus on spread-out work like art or fabric design would need a larger desk or a table, while smaller contemporary desks will be more suitable for those doing lots of computer work. 

Our desks vary in size from small to large, and come in a variety of colors/finishes, including:

  • Cherry
  • White
  • Oak
  • Black
  • Espresso
  • Gray

A comprehensive mix of desks is available to meet your various work needs. These include:

  • Writing desks
  • Executive desks
  • Computer desks
  • Corner desks
  • L-shaped desks

Or you might like to consider a standing desk. Standing desks have been growing in popularity over the years because of their potential health benefits. Helping reduce upper body tension especially in the neck and shoulders, increasing productivity, and lower blood sugars are just some possible advantages.

If you need extra adaptability to enable you to work more comfortably and reduce neck strain, try desk risers. Or if you’re going for a more contemporary, open look, why not opt for a glass desk?

Storage for Every Need

As with a computer chair and workstation, office storage should also fit peoples’ specific working requirements. A business dealing with lots of paper documents would be better-suited to storage units like a 5-drawer file cabinet, whereas other kinds of organizations might want more cubicle units. If you’re storing legal documents,,there are secure office storage cabinet solutions, too.

For businesses with more specialist needs beyond filing cabinets, you can get into office furniture like office storage cabinets or storage carts, which are perfect for storing tools and other items like cables in quick reach. You can mix things up with storage units that feature multipurpose compartments, giving you the option to mix and match your storage as needed.

If you’re looking to reduce clutter, but want easy access to your files, then consider bookcases or shelving as a storage solution. Pair bookcases with dividers and draws for a less cluttered look.

For everyday organizational needs, storage bins and baskets are a great option, or if you're working in a small space, stacking drawers may be the perfect fit.

Office Furniture for Communal Areas

All offices need chairs, workstations, and storage no matter what their configuration. But what about if you’re working in an open floor plan office? Then, you’ll want a design that helps to take advantage of the environment by creating a collaborative workspace.

Many large and small businesses are taking the collaborative working approach and with good reason. Collaboration increases productivity and creativity and gives your office additional flexibility. With our adaptable, multi-use range of furniture, you can create different work areas as your business grows or your day-to-day work needs change.

You can create a welcoming space for informal collaboration and discussion by using couches in a central area. Try to use a communal coffee table for a living room furniture layout that will soften even the most formal office environment and provide workers with the perfect space to relax and build strong team relationships. For an even trendier and more comfortable feel, consider a bean bag or two around the office.

Finally, choose a lighting style that complements the overall look and feel of any communal areas. Lighting can go a long way in creating a good atmosphere. For instance, if you want a more relaxed feel, you may want a muted style of lighting. Or if you want to create a feeling of space, then brighter light bulbs can help achieve this.

Some types of lighting are also better for employees when they are working. For example, fluorescent and LED lighting can be good choices.

Every Type of Office Table

Office tables are a key part of creating your ideal floorplan. A versatile selection of tables includes:

  • Conference tables
  • Drafting tables
  • Reception and lobby tables
  • Training room tables
  • Breakroom and hospitality tables

If you have limited space or you want temporary tables, folding tables might be the solution. When choosing tables, size them for the groups you expect to support, and try to ensure that they support the kinds of collaborative work you’re planning. This may mean putting them in a quieter part of the office or even a separate conference room for sensitive discussions and putting whiteboards nearby for interactive sessions.

Talking of write-on, wipe-off surfaces, when making your furniture decisions, try to remember to think about maintainability. You can choose office furniture with surfaces that are hard-wearing and easy to clean. When it comes to deciding what type should go in your office, a little planning goes a long way.

And don’t forget the aesthetics. Although you’ll want a table that is sturdy and fits the purpose, you’ll also want something that looks good in the office. As a key piece of office furniture, you’ll also want to make sure the table suits the overall look of your workplace.

Office Furniture For Every Style

The Cottage Coastal furniture collection blends functionality with a cottage style. It makes a great choice if you’re looking for contemporary office furniture.

The mid-century modern range blends durability, sleek designs, and expansive work surfaces. In this collection, you’ll find classic looks and simple, elegant designs.

If you’re looking for neutral colors, then the versatile gray range makes the ideal choice. Perfect if you want to add a statement piece, this range of furniture is sleek, stylish, and durable.

Whether you want a modern and clean look, or a vintage-inspired feel, a wide selection of office furniture is available to choose from.

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