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      Which cleaning tools and supplies are right for your office?

      Whether you need to mop the floor in your restaurant or store, or shampoo your office carpets, Office Depot has all your cleaning supplies and tools. You'll find carpet cleaners, mops, brooms, dust pans, trash bags, disinfectants and more - in one convenient place. And with our everyday low prices, you'll want to stock up!

      Carpet cleaner

      From coffee and soda to dirt, mud and motor oil, your carpets and rugs take a beating every day. Keep them looking clean and new with a variety of carpet cleaners from Office Depot. Choose from spray cleaners in liquid or foam formulas, scented or unscented. For lobbies and waiting rooms, consider a professional-strength carpet cleaner designed for high-traffic areas. Some even protect from future stains and smudges. Want to avoid chemicals? Our selection of nontoxic "greener" carpet cleaners may be the best solution for your office.


      Help prevent falls on slippery floors! Keep a variety of mops on hand to clean coffee spills and puddles of tracked-in snow and rain. Sponge mops are easy to squeeze and offer a range of helpful features, from powerful scrubber strips to antimicrobial materials. Traditional cotton mops are durable and clean large messes quickly. To tidy a hardwood floor, choose a dust mop designed to clean lint, dirt, pet fur and other small debris.

      Brooms and dust pans

      For quickly tidying up the floor each morning or sweeping up big spills, brooms are the perfect cleaning tools. From 24-inch lobby push brooms to brooms with angled polypropylene bristles to hand-held corn whisk brooms, you'll find options for every type of cleanup. And remember the dust pans too!

      Everyday cleaning supplies for home and office!

      Office Depot has the everyday cleaning supplies to help your home and office run smoothly. A clean environment is better for the office and helps keep illness at bay. At Office Depot, you'll find great deals on everyday cleaning supplies such as trash bags and hand soap - supplies you need in every office and at home too!

      Wastebaskets and Trashbags

      Managing waste and trash is a common obstacle in homes and offices. Office Depot has the supplies you need to easily dispose of everyday office trash. With a wide selection of trash bags designed to fit into various wastebaskets, office cleaning is a breeze! Does your office participate in eco-conscious recycling? You'll also find a variety of recycling containers, including recycling centers, designed to keep the office clean and tidy.

      Hand Soaps and Sanitizers

      Reduce the spread of germs! Hand soap and sanitizers help to improve employee health, keeping productivity up. Check out the variety of soap dispensers or purchase your hand soap in bulk. Stock up on this cleaning staple to help maintain good health in the workplace.

      Paper Cleaning Supplies

      Be sure to stock up on tissues, napkins, paper towels and toilet paper for the office, break room, rest room and more. Look for Office Depot Brand paper products for dependable quality and exceptional value!

      Maintain a spotless workspace with our wide assortment of cleaning supplies. Whether you need everyday essentials like glass cleaner, heavy-duty janitorial supplies like mops and buckets or desk trash cans, you'll find what you need to keep your janitor's closet stocked. We also carry a variety of air fresheners to give the office a clean scent, plus all-purpose brooms and dustpans for quick and simple cleanups.