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Wireless Networking

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Wireless networking is the way to go in multimedia-rich homes and bustling, Web-connected offices. Eliminate cable clutter and enjoy a lack of restriction when it comes to device placement with plenty of wireless networking devices to suit any user need. Keep cords and wires neat and together with cable boxes, which help maintain tidy wireless networking environments.


Connect a variety of Bluetooth-enabled peripheral devices to a computer using a Bluetooth adapter, which enables wireless pairing of select printers, headsets, keyboards, mice, speakers and more.

Network Interface Devices

It's easy to tell where the line is between a telephone carrier's local wiring and a customer's on-site wiring with a network interface device.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless devices can easily connect to an existing wired networking via Wi-Fi when a wireless access point is involved. Consider wireless networking with an 802.11ac standard to ensure rapid transfer speeds.

Wireless Adapters

Add wireless networking to a desktop computer or laptop with wireless adapters, which feature a USB interface for simple plug-in operation. Built-in MIMO technology delivers fewer Internet dead spots.

Wireless Antennas

Strengthen an existing Wi-Fi connection by installing wireless antennas. Antennas with a 12dBi or higher power rating maximize signal strength.

Wireless Bridges

Use a wireless bridge to wirelessly link two Ethernet routers together, even if each router uses a different protocol, to help reduce Ethernet cables in your home or office building.

Wireless Converters

With video wireless converters, it's easy to stream anything on a laptop's screen to a TV, projector or other enabled display, while audio wireless converters allow high-quality audio to be played from a computer to a speaker system without having to run wires.

Wireless Networking Accessories

Use a wireless LAN controller or switch to easily manage access points on a network and browse a variety of mounting options to install a networking device on a wall, ceiling, pole or rack. Wireless networking accessories allow easy control and integration of units.

Wireless Routers

Build a fast, bandwidth-intensive wireless network by choosing a wireless router that supports your Internet usage needs.

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