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Seating Guide


Adjustable Seat Height

Height of chair can be adjusted. The optimal sitting position for health and comfort is when legs and thighs form a 90° angle and feet rest flat on the ground.

Seat Cushion Glide Mechanism

Seat cushion travels forward and backward and locks into position for the perfect fit.

Synchro Tilt

Back reclines twice as much as the seat while tilting, so you can recline and still keep the seat cushion relatively level to the floor. It provides weight distribution between torso and legs and can improve circulation.

Adjustable Tilt Angle

Changes angle of seat in relation to the floor. The seat and back tilt simultaneously at the same ratio to disperse some weight to the backrest of the chair, enhancing blood flow. (a.k.a.: Tilt, center tilt, or column tilt)

Adjustable Forward Tilt

Allows the seat to tilt forward/downward so that the thighs slope downward, which helps reduce disc pressure during forward-oriented tasks.

Adjustable Knee Tilt

The pivot point for reclining is located ahead of the center of gravity, allowing for more recline than a conventional tilt chair. Helps increase circulation.

Adjustable Tilt Tension

Controls the rate and ease with which the chair reclines, depending on the amount of pressure applied by the different weight and strength of users.

Tilt Lock

Locks your chair into place when you find the most comfortable tilting angle. (a.k.a.: Infinite Tilt Lock)

Adjustable Arm Height

Adjust to fit the task and body type. For instance, adjust them to fit your arm length in order to avoid elevated shoulders (too high), or slumping (too low) or, move them low enough to be out of the way for typing, which requires a free range of motion.

Adjustable Back Height

Used to accommodate different workers by moving the back support into each person's preferred position. Helps relieve back stress.

Adjustable Back Angle

Adjusts to change the angle of your torso in relation to your thighs. Helps reduce disc pressure and relaxes back muscles.

Adjustable Seat Back Depth

The backrest can be moved forward and backward. Change the depth of the seat to accommodate the length of your thighs. Keeps back in contact with the backrest while preventing pressure behind your knees. Overly deep seats may impact pressure-sensitive nerves under users' legs, they constrain sitting and may keep sitters from using their backrests.

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