Ergoguys VisionBoard 2 - Keyboard - USB - black on white



    VisionBoard 2 Large Key Keyboard Wired USB. Outsmart arthritis and start seeing all you've been missing with the VisionBoard 2 Keyboard. Created for anyone who struggles with vision or dexterity issues, the VisionBoard 2 innovative design reduces eyestrain and improves finger contact and keyboarding control. The VisionBoard 2 has oversized keys for better control and contact, large-print letters and numbers to improve readability, and high-contrast black-on-white or black-on-yellow lettering, proven to be easier on the eyes than the standard white-on-black composition of most computer keyboards. This large key and large print keyboard will enhance your computer.
    • The f-keys are oval in shape and distinguished from other keys
    • Its oversized keys help with contact and control
    • Excellent keyboard for anyone with dexterity and/or vision issues.
    • Works with both PC and Mac
    • Standard USB connectivity
    • 2 USB ports on the right side of the case. These can be used for a numeric keypad, a mouse, trackball, web cam, etc
    • Keys: It improves readability and reduces eyestrain with 1"x1" square.
    • Keys are activated by membrane switches. Membrane switch technology is the newest and most reliable with a life beyond 1 million strikes