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Customers have higher expectations than ever when it comes to receiving shipped goods, encouraging online sellers and small businesses alike to revamp their shipping processes. Whether you're shipping handcrafts or clothing, this collection has everything you need to ensure all your customers open their boxes with a smile. 

Find corrugated shipping boxes in standard shipping sizes to help drive down the cost at the post office, and invest in a shipping tape dispenser for faster packaging. You can also find supplies to boost the efficiency of your operation, such as print-off address labels and postal scales.

Box It Up

Ship items frequently and you’ll discover that there’s a science to shipping packages. Keeping both the sender and receiver happy is often a challenge but finding the right box for the job plays an essential role in ensuring your shipment arrives to its destination just as you intended. Simplify what is often a complex process with shipping boxes that fit your specific needs for successful delivery.

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Long Shipping Boxes for Narrow Items

Item #254137

Ship Flat Items

Item #699175

Find the Fit

Steer clear of the one-size-fits all approach to mailers and select packaging according to what you’ll be shipping. A lot can happen in the time it takes to get a shipment from point A to point B.  Make sure that items are properly packaged and delivered to their ship-to destination just as you intended.

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Scotch® Bubble Mailer, 8 1/2" x 11", Size #2, Case Of 25

Item #577285

Provide Clear Direction

Where’s it headed? What’s inside? Your shipment is packed, sealed and almost ready for delivery but don’t forget one very important detail. Ensure that your shipment gets a proper sendoff by clearly labeling packages with care instructions, recipient information and other important notices.

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At-Home Printing Shipping Labels

Item #213448

Roll of Large Shipping Labels for Any Weather

Item #753313

3M™ Top View "Packing List/Invoice Enclosed" Envelopes...

Item #673891

For Those Delicate Shipments

Item #688438

Clearly Marked

A well-organized move is bound to go smoothly. Part of your detailed planning should include labeling and marking each box so that the destination location and contents of each is clearly visible.

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Colorful & Retractable

Item #355835

High Visibility From a Distance

Item #879714

Black Bold & Industrial

Item #258381

Complete the Package

Shipping is simplified when you have the right supplies within reach. Keeping items organized and safeguarded during shipping is just as important as making sure shipments arrive on time – if not more so.  Creating smart, orderly groupings and protective layers are essential practices for efficient shipping.

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Protect All of Your Shipping Items

Item #653230

Cushioning Foam for Breakable Items

Item #272296

Packing Peanuts for Those Empty Packaging Spaces

Item #578448

Ready, Set, Seal!

Save the general purpose tape for everyday tasks around the home or office. For your mailers, boxes and tubes you’ll want to seal packages with something a bit more substantial. Properly secure packages with shipping tape so what’s inside stays inside until it’s time for the receiver to do the honors.

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Keep Packages Sealed Until They Arrive

Item #363792

Scotch® Heavy-Duty Shipping Packing Tape With Dispenser, 1-7/8"

Item #487104

Scotch® Heavy-Duty Shipping Packing In Dispenser, 1-1/2" Core...

Item #444970

Weigh Your Options

Planning for postage is a crucial element to any business. Costs can vary from package to package and guesswork can be costly and time consuming. Standardize the process for in-house shipping with a reliable postage scale.  Weigh envelopes and packages to estimate shipping costs upfront and avoid extra postage costs later.

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Easy-to-Read Digital Shipping Scale

Item #780153

Digital Scale for Large Packages

Item #780207