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We’re so much more than just office supplies. Through our world-class business and consumer websites, we’re a leading omni-channel provider of services, products, technology and furniture solutions for businesses of all sizes. We’re proud to be ranked by Newsweek as one of the best websites for 2020 under the “Office, Electronics, Media” category.

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Loyal customers

Average monthly page views

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Average time spent on site

For more than 30 years, our research teams have spent their days learning the likes, dislikes and purchasing behaviors of our audience. While these factors obviously vary between consumers, small business owners and enterprise business customers, the stats below give the best snapshot from our consolidated data.


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We'll get your message in all the right hands

By applying cross-channel strategies against our first-party data, we’ll help you deliver comprehensive 360˚ brand experiences and develop personalized, meaningful relationships with the right customers. Our closed-loop measurement and reporting structure will provide insight into how your advertising affected a customer’s behavior and whether a purchase was made on-site or off-site.




On-Site Display Media

Reach shoppers throughout the site and across devices via contextual, behavioral, keyword targeted placements.

Product Listing Ads

Ensure your product prominently shows up in search results, driving Share of Voice.

Category, Seasonal & Brand Experiences
Showcase your brand with programs that are timely, relevant and grow sales.


Audiences Extension & Retargeting

Continue your brand’s conversation off our site with targeted, displayed media.


Reach our most loyal shoppers with a banner or own the entire email and reach customized audiences based on data & loyalty attributes.

Print Programs

Put your message in front of our businesses & consumers across direct mail, box inserts, catalogs, and other offline channels.

Data & Reporting

First-Party Data

Leverage our data to reach Office Depot shoppers on other applicable, brand-safe sites.


Closed-loop reporting that lets you know if the consumer performed an action online or offline.

Let’s work together

We’re ready to provide customized, multi-channel solutions tailored to your specific goals and objectives and designed to create personal connections between your brand and our expansive base of loyal, engaged customers.

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