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Does ink and toner expire?

From bright, vibrant graphics on presentations to crisp, clean text on the forms you use every day, the ink or toner in your printer can make all the difference. Keep an eye on your stock of toner to ensure it won't get too far past the expiration date listed on the side of the cartridge or the packaging. While your ink and toner might still be good after the date, it has been known to be more susceptible to clogs and print quality issues. Most cartridges have an expiration date of 1 - 2 years, leaving plenty of time before it could potentially go bad.

How do I find printer ink and toner that's compatible with my printer?

One way to find the ink and toner that works with your printer is to search by the model number of your machine. Many cartridges have compatibility listings right on the box, so you can easily find the one that fits. Another way to find compatible ink and toner, is to search by cartridge model number. If you have your empty cartridge handy, you can use it to find an exact replacement or even a remanufactured cartridge that is designed to deliver the OEM quality you've come to expect.

Is there an easier way to keep up with my printer supplies?

Why wait to reorder until your printer says it's running low on ink or toner? Ensure your projects can be completed on schedule by having an ongoing supply automatically shipped directly to your door. Office Depot subscription services help busy business owners work more efficiently by keeping the time and effort it takes to keep up on everyday supplies to a minimum.

Simply find the models you need, create a delivery schedule that works for you and confirm your subscription. We will automatically bill your credit card according to your schedule and ship your ink or toner right to your door. When those high-volume projects pop up along the way, simply adjust your delivery schedule to meet your new needs.