Tech Recycling Box, Small, 8"H x 18"W x 15"D



Use Office Depot's Tech Recycling Service for your broken electronics. Each year, Americans throw away millions of tons of old or broken electronics, creating potentially harmful waste known as tech trash.

  • STEP #1: Choose your box size.
  • STEP #2: Fill the Tech Recycling Box with as many acceptable items as will fit. Be sure the box can close with all items inside. NOTE: Please do not seal.
  • STEP #3: Bring your unsealed Tech Recycling Box to any Office Depot store. A store associate will inspect your box to ensure all items are acceptable and that the box can be closed. If everything meets these guidelines, you will be asked to complete a form and the box will be accepted and shipped for recycling.
  • Acceptable items include: Monitors, fax machines, desktop and laptop computers, printers, scanners, keyboards, mice, telephones, digital cameras, VCR/DVD players, televisions, cords and cables.
  • Unacceptable items include: Broken monitors, leaking electronics, refrigerators or other items containing Freon, toasters or kettles, items containing radioactive materials, items that have or may have been contaminated with chemicals.
  • According to the E-Cycle Wisconsin program and the 2009 Wisconsin Act 50, certain electronics may not be put in the trash. A list of these electronics and how to prepare them for recycling can be found by searching “E-Cycle Wisconsin Electronics.”
  • Small tech recycling boxes hold up to 20 lb.
  • Recycling solution — designed to encourage recycling, helping you divert materials from landfill.