ComplyRight™ Restaurant Federal (Bilingual) And State (English) Labor Law 1-Year Poster Service, North Dakota



    FEDERAL COMPLIANCE ALERT: On June 14th, 2023, the EEOC released a revised “Know Your Rights” poster to include information about the protections under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA). Effective June 27, 2023, the PWFA requires covered employers to post a notice describing the law’s protections. Also, on May 4, 2023, the Department of Labor released a mandatory update to the FLSA/Federal Minimum Wage poster, adding details regarding break times for nursing employees. All ComplyRight poster products and services that cover federal postings now include the updated versions of these mandatory postings. Federal, State and Restaurant Industry Posting Compliance – Simple and Convenient. Restaurants and food service establishments, like certain other industries, are highly regulated, with several unique employment laws and posting requirements. These laws and posting requirements are subject to change at any time and vary by state. ComplyRight Poster Service for Restaurants offers a complete federal and state poster set along with industry specific posters, to help food service employers comply compliance with these requirements and ensure that employees are informed of their rights. This convenient service includes free, automatic poster replacements for mandatory posting changes and posters for newly added posting requirements, along with one year of legal monitoring and a 100% Compliance Guarantee against government fines for improper posting content. ComplyRight Poster Service for Restaurants is a fast and simple service, which guarantees ongoing posting compliance for restaurants, fast food businesses, diners, taverns, cafeterias, snack bars and other food service facilities.

    • UPDATED: Includes new mandatory FLSA and EEOC “Know Your Rights” posting released in June 2023.
    • Federal (Bilingual), State (English) and Restaurant (English) posters.
    • Includes employee-facing federal, state and restaurant industry postings.
    • Includes one year of legal monitoring and automatic poster replacements at no additional cost, any time there is a mandatory posting change.
    • New poster, at no additional cost, any time a posting requirement is added.
    • Developed to meet the additional federal and state posting needs of food service facilities.
    • Must be displayed in prominent and accessible locations that are highly visible to all employees.
    • Meet strict government requirements for color, font and size.
    • Laminated for added durability.
    • Includes Restaurant (English), Bilingual Federal (English and Spanish) and State (English) posters for maintaining labor law posting compliance.
    • The service runs 12 months from date of purchase by that if there are changes to any law in the 12 month Comply Right sends a replacement at no charge.