Shell Education Teaching With Text Sets, Grades Pre-K - 8



    Invigorate your language arts teaching approach with guidance from this resource book, which helps instructors effectively create and utilize multimodal text sets in the classroom. Detailed instructions ensure you have the tools to help students make the most of every lesson.

    • Provides teachers with strategies for creating and using multigenre, multimodal text sets to enhance content-area and language arts instruction.
    • Helps foster engagement, differentiate instruction and incorporate informational texts and student writing into instructional methods.
    • Detailed information takes the guesswork out of curriculum building. Resources enable you to choose great topics, locate and evaluate texts, organize them for use in the classroom and make accurate assessments of student progress.
    • Meets Common Core standards. Also meets a variety of state standards, including College and Career Readiness.
    • Designed for teachers in preschool to grade 8 classrooms.