Lathem Time 7500E Calculating Time Recorder, Charcoal Gray



    Stop adding up time cards by hand!

    • Automatically calculates worked time for payroll and job costing. A real time saver, it calculates worked time between punches and accumulated totals on the card for up to 50 active employees or jobs.
    • It works with all pay periods or can be set to JOB mode for accurate costing information. Calculates actual or rounded time and supports an automatic break deduction from daily totals.
    • Easy to use, it auto-feeds and auto-ejects time cards, automatically aligns printing and auto-senses front and back of card to eliminate operator mistakes. It also reduces time required to punch in and out.
    • Optional rechargeable battery keeps unit fully operational for up to 24 hours in case of a power failure. Mounts easily to a wall or tabletop.
    • Features settings to print time in AM/PM, 24 hour or 1/100th of an hour. Unit automatically changes for short months, leap year and daylight savings.
    • Internal lithium battery maintains the time, card total, and program settings for up to 5 years without power.