Desk Buying Guide

January 10, 2024


Having the right office desk can help improve productivity, efficiency, and comfort while you work. The look and design of your workplace or home office furniture can help determine the mood and overall feel you want your office to convey. Whether in a home office or a traditional office setting, selecting the right office desk is an important choice.

When selecting an office desk, there are many options — and with those options come even more choices to make. You can be on the right path if you do your due diligence by researching various brands and styles, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations from trusted colleagues and co-workers.

A desk buying guide can be of assistance during the research phase, as well. Explore this guide to learn helpful information before making an important office furniture purchase.

Buying a Desk: Key Deciding Factors

Choosing an office desk might be overwhelming initially, but a few key considerations can streamline the buying process.

3 Things To Consider Before Shopping For Your New Office Desk

What Is Your Office Space Layout?

Look at how your office is laid out and take measurements of the space where your office desk will go.

Do you have a small space, or is your workspace within a cubicle? Does your office have an open floor plan where you’ll work alongside your colleagues? Do you have a closed-door office? These are important questions to ask, as you need to make sure the desk fits comfortably in your workplace.

This also applies to home offices. Are you able to dedicate a portion of a room to your desk? You’ll want to take measurements and thoughtfully design your home office so that you can comfortably work without giving up essential living space.

What Is Your Budget?

Once you’ve determined the measurements for a desk that can fit in your space, you can begin narrowing down the selections. Look at your office furniture budget and come up with a price range you’re willing and able to spend.

Many high-quality desks are available in a wide price range, whether you’re looking to spend on something elaborate and spacious or need something a bit more modest in the low hundreds range. By determining your budget before picking out an office desk, you can narrow your selection to find the right one.

What Is Your Office Furniture Style?

After figuring out how much space you have for the desk and how much you’re willing to spend, consider your style and preference for your office’s appearance.

Do you prefer a classic office or home decor, like a traditional or midcentury modern style? Something sturdy and professional might suit your taste. Or perhaps you favor a modern desk and want something with interesting shapes and accents.

These are just two examples of many styles. You can also shop office desks by color or wood finish, such as cherry wood or oak, black or white, or espresso brown or gray.

Your desk can be an extension of your profession, work personality, and brand, so have fun with it. Consider choosing something that makes you happy and motivates you to sit down every morning and work.

If style is the chief factor in your desk decision, consider viewing the office furniture collections. The desks in these collections can be a major aspect of your office style and visually appealing to the eye. While the collection shows you all the coordinated pieces, it is also a great way to shop your style, even if just for the desk. More to come on this.

Office Desk Options: Choose From These Types