ComplyRight™ Federal Contractor, Construction, Labor Law 1-Year Poster Service, Spanish



    ComplyRight Federal Contractor Poster Service includes the labor law postings specifically required for federal contractors. Federal contractors must display specific employee notices in addition to the federal and state labor law posters. Posters must be displayed in a prominent and accessible location that is highly visible to all employees involved in federal contract work. The ComplyRight Federal Contractor Poster Service provides all of the commonly required postings, to help protect contractors from steep fines and penalties, including suspension or cancellation of federal contracts. This convenient service includes one year of legal monitoring and automatic replacements for continued compliance.Includes commonly required postings for federal contractors and subcontractors: Paid Sick Leave, Federal Minimum Wage for Contractors, “EEO is the Law” Supplement, Pay Transparency Policy, National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Walsh-Healey Public/Service Contracts, ARRA Whistleblower Rights, DOD Fraud Hotline, DOD Whistleblower Hotline, DHS Fraud Hotline, Notice to Workers with Disabilities, Right to Work & E-Verify (included at no charge), Davis-Bacon Act, DOT Federal Highway Construction.

    • Ideal for federal contractors and subcontractors in any industry, including finance and banking, telecommunications, technology, education, transportation, retail, nonprofit organizations and construction.
    • Automatic poster replacement, at no additional cost, any time there is a mandatory posting change.
    • New poster, at no additional cost, any time a posting requirement for federal contractor is added.
    • Adheres to strict government requirements for size, font and color.
    • Meets all major federal contractor requirements
    • additional posters may be required, however, based on specific contract work, industry, company policies and/or state, city and local laws.
    • The service runs 12 months from date of purchase by that if there are changes to any law in the 12 month Comply Right sends a replacement at no charge.