Clover Imaging Group MRFPMIC10 (PMIC10) Remanufactured Fluorescent Red Postage Meter Ink Cartridge



NuPost and ecoPost brand postage meter cartridges by Clover, deliver exceptional quality and performance at a great price. These extensive product lines support over 90% of demand in today's market and are fully compatible with the most popular postage meters including Pitney Bowes, Quadient and Francotyp Postalia (FP Mailing Solutions).

  • 1-year warranty with 100% performance guarantee
  • Won’t void service contracts because ink is approved and tested for the life of the cartridge
  • Comparable with the PMIC10 cartridge.
  • Yields up to 1,900 pages.
  • Eco-conscious choice — has one or more meaningful eco-attributes or eco-labels.
  • Acid free and smudge resistant to keep its quality over time.
  • Remanufactured — made from quality recovered cartridges, helping you save resources, reduce waste and potentially save money.
  • Recycling solution — designed to encourage recycling, helping you divert materials from landfill.