SmartStock T-Series Disposable Cutlery Refills, Polypropylene Forks, Black, 40 Forks Per Refill, Box Of 24 Refills



    Offer guests a hygienic, efficient way to eat a delicious meal with SmartStock T-Series Disposable Cutlery Refills. The enclosed design helps to prevent contaminants, and the durable plastic construction can withstand heavy foods.

    • Made from durable polypropylene to accommodate a variety of foods.
    • Pre-counted and pre-assembled refills.
    • Enclosed design helps to promote good hygiene and prevent contamination.
    • Designed to speed up restocking. Slide a new refill into the dispenser and remove the pull tab from the paper band to use.
    • Free up counter space with a reusable dispenser and cutlery refills.
    • Each refill pack contains 40 disposable forks. A box includes 24 refill packs for a total of 960 disposable forks.

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