Dixie Ultra SmartStock Series-W Polypropylene Plastic Wrapped Cutlery, Forks, Black, 40 Perk Pack, Case Of 24 Packs



    Durable and elegant full-size utensils help you promote an upscale image. Break resistant, these full length utensils offer excellent value without sacrificing performance. Pre-counted and pre-assembled refills make restocking fast and easy

    • Full-length utensils.
    • Break resistant.
    • Looks and feels more like flatware.
    • Reduces usage compared to open bins.
    • Sophisticated black color enhances design.
    • Ideal for takeout and delivery orders.
    • Come on pre-loaded “skewers” holding 40 pieces of cutlery each saving load time compared to wrapped cutlery bins.
    • Wrapped only at the critical end improving hygiene while using 60% less wrap than fully wrapped.
    • Polypropylene.
    • Considered strong and durable by 96% of patrons *Source: GP PRO Proprietary Research: CUT-16-226.

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