Razer Kiyo Webcam, 4 Megapixel, 1-Pack



    Get vibrant, razor-sharp pictures during video calls with this Razer Kiyo webcam. The 60 fps refresh rate keeps up with rapid movements to prevent stuttering, while the FHD video resolution delivers detailed, high-quality images. An autofocus function draws attention to the focal point at all times. This Razer Kiyo webcam features a built-in microphone for enhanced sound clarity, and the multistep ring light provides adequate lighting in your shooting setup.

    • Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and XSplit.
    • 60 fps refresh rate reduces motion blur.
    • Autofocus feature delivers sharp image quality.
    • USB port connects easily to external devices.
    • Built-in ring light maintains video quality in low-light conditions.

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