ComplyRight® Brand FAST FILE Print, Mail And E-File For Small Business, W-2/1099, Pack Of 25 Tax Filings



    Use this ComplyRight FILE print card to get e-filings for you and your employees. Simply go to the website and redeem your card in order to complete, data-encrypted filings that will be submitted directly to the IRS and SSA.

    • Card can be redeemed as Enter the e-file user code and your forms will be filed directly to the IRS and SSA, and print and mail recipient copies can also be made.
    • Payer and recipient data is saved for use year after year. File forms can be viewed and printed up to 4 years later for account holders.
    • Data is encrypted and recipient copies are processed at a secure facility to protect your information.
    • Additional filings can be purchased.
    • For PC and MAC
    • Fast FILE print for small business card allows you to file up to (25) W-2 and 1099 tax forms online for up to 25 employees or other recipients.
    • Includes a pack of (25) e-filings for file, print and mail applications.