Corel® VideoStudio Pro, 2023, For Windows®, Download



If you want to make movies and video clips that capture the attention of your audience, look to Corel VideoStudio Pro. This editing software allows you to record video from 2 screens at the same time, comes with plenty of helpful editing tools and even offers access to a music library with hundreds of royalty-free songs.

  • Allows you to import video clips, record your screen, capture multi-camera videos with built-in tools and more.
  • MultiCam Capture 2.0 Lite lets you capture webcam video and record your screen simultaneously or record 2 screens at once.
  • Lets you record video and audio with 1 click and edit them together.
  • Offers basic trimming tools like Slide and Slip, simple selection tools, lens correction, video stabilization and other beginner-friendly features.
  • Other tools include drag-and-drop timeline editing, changing aspect ratios, cropping, trimming, resizing and rotating.
  • Instant Project Templates help save time when dealing with popular video styles.
  • Highlight Reel offers an AI-based slideshow and smart movie maker that will take your best shots and clips automatically.
  • Creative filters and effects include Magnifying Glass and Old Film, Ghost Motion and more.
  • Face Effects help enhance people in your video.
  • Animated AR stickers, unique GIFs and more help add an artistic flair.
  • Painting Creator tool lets you add your own drawings.
  • Lets you add on-screen captions and titles and features built-in title presets to save time.
  • Features a wide selection of exciting transitions to choose from.
  • Features a Stop Motion Animation tool and Fast- and Slow-Motion effects to adjust the look and speed of your projects.
  • Lets you import your own sounds or choose from over 500 songs in the royalty-free Scorefitter music library.
  • Tutorials library helps beginners learn to use all of the tools.