Yummy Earth Organic Vitamin C Lollipops, 8.5 Oz, Pack Of 3 Bags



    Give your immune system a boost with these flavorful suckers. Boasting the mouthwatering tastes of watermelon, strawberry, grape, berry and mango, the lollipops deliver a wholesome and nutritious snack thanks to the organic, non-GMO ingredients.

    • Enjoy a healthy and nutritious snack with these lollipops. Feature the tasty flavors of Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-Face Watermelon, Strawberry Smash, Googly Grape, Very Very Cherry, Perfectly Peach, Razzmatazz Berry and Mango Tango.
    • Rich in vitamin C for an immune system boost.
    • Organic, non-GMO ingredients are free of most of the top allergens.
    • Vegan - no animal products used.
    • Gluten-, dairy- and nut-free for special dietary considerations.