Digital Innovations ScreenDr 70% Alcohol Advanced Formula Device Cleaning Wipes And Microfiber Cloth, Box Of 120 Packets



    The 120 count Digital Innovations Screen Dr Advanced Formula Wet Wipes with Micofiber Cloth are 6 in. x 5 in. individually wrapped pre-moistened disposable wet wipes. These wipes contain 70% alcohol andReusable, recyclable. The included 8 in. microfiber cloth is treated with antimicrobial agents and is machine washable.

    • Wipes contain 70% alcohol.
    • Included microfiber cloth treated with antimicrobial agents, and is machine washable.
    • Advanced formula cleans, shines, and protects
    • Antimicrobial microfiber cloth produces streak-free results
    • Convenient, individually wrapped, disposable wipes
    • WARNINGS:Swallowing or inhaling isopropyl alcohol can cause headache, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and unconsciousness. Keep away from all possible ignition sources, including heat, sparks, and flames.*70% isopropyl alcohol is recommended for cleaning electronics by most device manufacturers and by the CDC. Check with device manufacturer for recommendations regarding cleaning with alcohol. Not for personal use. Digital Innovations is not responsible for bodily injury and/or damage to devices due to misuse.